Docker Networks

Docker Networks

It’s a bit surprising I haven’t mentioned Docker more often on this site yet. Docker is such a great platform for containerization. To be fair, I have mentioned and even demonstrated LXC containers a few times, but Docker as a container engine has been notably absent form this channel despite the use of Docker on a regular basis here in my network.

This post aims to handle a sad, neglected, usually covered-in-cobwebs corner of the world that is Docker. For most, it is easiest to avoid network settings if things just work. But then there those of us who subscribe to the idea if it ain’t broke, you’ve got room for innovation

Let’s take surface-level view on using the different default network types that ship with Docker by default—the bridge, host, and null driver network types—and then we will explore a use case for and set up a macvlan network.

Keep in mind that you can successfully use Docker without ever configuring or even being aware of the network types Docker has on offer. You can skip over Docker networks, but you will be missing out on some really cool features. Check it out in the video below. And as always, leaving your comment and questions in the comments below is greatly appreciated.

Happy networking!