Happy birthday to me

Happy birthday to me
Photo by Nikhita Singhal / Unsplash

Well, I don’t think I can really do the day justice in a fitting description or recounting of it, but it was recently my birthday. the day was full and rich. Upon arriving home from dropping my daughter off at kindergarten where she was especially sweet to me in wishing me a happy birthday from the top of the stairs as she disappeared to her classroom, my wife bombarded me with options and plans at the ready for fine dining. I toiled a bit with “computer stuff” as she endured my indecision. 

I finally thought it a great idea to choose a restaurant that holds many of our memories though it is not a favorite of mine—my wife loves that place, and seeing a smile on her face would be worth torture, but the food at the place of my suggesting is always great. However, this time I was shot down. She knew I was choosing that place only because she loves it—we went there for her birthday back in May.

My wife suggested an up-scale Chinese place and a top-shelf Japanese place, but I couldn’t make up my mind. Then suddenly after whiling a bit more on “computer stuff,” I looked up with the answer—we would go to the Japanese fusion joint up the street. My wife raised an eyebrow at my choice. Apparently, I was supposed to choose something much more expensive or with more meat or something—anything other than ramen for my birthday lunch.

Well. I contest anyone bold enough to claim this is mere ramen. 

I came.

I saw.

I ate…And it was good!  

Very good!

I rewarded myself with some of the finest coffee as a prize for completing the task.

Everything was great. We even had some spare time afterward for me to run to the store for some popcorn, so we could spend the afternoon as a family movie day. We watched my daughter’s favorite, “The Emoji Movie” with pink-chocolate-coated popcorn. The day was a success.

Then came dinner

Sheesh. I need to go on a diet after that, but here is a look. This is delivery from my favorite 참치집. I love this stuff and wouldn’t have ended my birthday any differently. It was great. 

I didn’t think it could get any better.

Then, the next day I got a delivery. My wife ordered me this shirt.

It was a size too big, but I loved it all the same. We will travel a way to exchange it. I expect there will be a story or two that comes from the trip to the store to make the exchange and may even keep you posted—maybe.