Overcoming Inertia

Overcoming Inertia
Photo by lucas Favre / Unsplash

I stepped out into the rainy-wet streets to start my day with a quick run this morning, it dawned on me as I struggled to get moving that, though I've maybe expressed this thought in a number of variant ways in the past and to a handful of folks along the way, I’ve not yet put it out there for others on this site. Plus, I thought it was important enough to remind myself and so here it is:

It doesn't matter how many miles of running you have under your heels, the first mile of any 7-mile huff always sucks the worst. Anybody who tries to tell you otherwise is lying. I used to be convinced that someday I would be experienced enough of a runner that those first steps would feel natural, light, delightful, and easy. But it's been twelve years since I've been a runner and it never gets any easier.

You just gotta put one foot in front of the other and eventually, sometime after that dreaded first mile is in the rearview, the rhythm of the song comes back to you, you lose yourself in the dance, and you remember why you are enduring this in the first place—it is hard work after all. Even if the results are worth it once you’re home, showered, fed, rested, and feeling as though you’ve accomplished something worthwhile.

I think it is the same for many other aspects of life. I will leave you to fill the examples from your own experiences. Just remember, it's never easy to start, so you may as well just suck it up and get going.