What a gift!

What a gift!

Before I really get into this post, I need to say thank you to my wife’s cousin’s fiancé. Without him, this post would not have happened. He and his wife-to-be came to visit our home for lunch one Sunday afternoon. He said his English was not that great, but that isn’t true. From the moment that he found out about my course of study in network engineering, his lips were loosed. We talked tech (to the chagrin of the ladies) for the remainder of the visit. At one point or another, the conversation turned to his love of mechanical keyboards and his hobby of modifying them. When I expressed interest in someday building my own, he insisted on gifting me my first. 

Today we met again for lunch and he bestowed such an  overwhelming gift upon me—a modified Keychron K6 RGB. I cannot do this post justice without making perfectly clear how deeply thankful I am to have received such an amazingly thoughtful and useful gift. Now I have to figure out what to do to appropriately reciprocate his kindness. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. 

The Keychron K6 Pro RGB keyboard has for some time now captured my attention. In a real sense, as this board was gifted to me, it has my full focus. There are so many models to choose from that I would likely have made a poor decision if not for his help. Of interest is that the keycaps feature English and Korean—a definite plus in my book—but not something I had considered beforehand. 

My initial experience with it was interrupted by my daughter's enthusiasm for the RGB backlighting feature. She couldn't resist wanting a turn to explore the keyboard herself. While it was endearing, it made it challenging for me to concentrate and provide a comprehensive review.

Putting that aside, the Keychron K6 Pro RGB is undeniably an attractive keyboard. Actually, that might be an understatement. The aesthetics of the keyboard, especially with the factory keycaps, are truly captivating. Surprisingly, the black keycaps, which I didn't initially consider, complement the backlighting beautifully.

Now that my daughter has finished her supper and it's officially my turn again, let me share a sample of her impromptu typing session:

"fjdkfjifkdjlfjal;w4jrl;jf;jo8fjslkjklasj9o09oli;foifofoaliaafoiaolAQWSKDEWSDKALKDFKDLTDK,KSKFLyhggskdfkjlisfsl reiwok;loqlasqo0001oooooojsfhajhwjkfhajkthajhrwkjhwjhwjeh3jkhkqhejhqjwhjdwyhe5ueydiqetuiunrtwiduttjrn. tntrtttuowrtnu nnununrrrernwour3ihju4iu4inbuthisd hithis asdfasdfaaahahahkhjroyojusjgksgn gnb kbntkoauetneonyoyloekmyoy4yiyiy5iuwfrytng5i i3nutunntiunttwnonnnnbuengnbj"

Alright, it seems like it's finally my turn to proceed with the actual review. If you're new to mechanical keyboards, the Keychron K6 Pro RGB is an excellent model to begin your obsession with. It boasts a compact and sleek design with an aluminum body that gives everything a premium feel. Unlike those monster-sized keyboards with a number pad, this model features just the essential keys.

To be perfectly honest, as someone who frequently types IP addresses, I initially thought I would want or need a number pad when I first considered getting a mechanical keyboard. However, I've found that the top row of numbers suffices quite nicely as a tradeoff for a smaller footprint. The keyboard strikes a balance between functionality and space efficiency, making it ideal for those seeking a streamlined typing experience or just a cleaner desk aesthetic.

One notable feature is the RGB backlighting, which I mentioned before my daughter couldn't contain her excitement about. The customizable lighting options truly enhance the visual appeal of the keyboard. Whether you prefer a subtle glow or a vibrant light show, the Keychron K6 Pro RGB allows you to personalize your typing environment. My favorite is what I am calling the “chase mode,” where the LEDs follow the keys pressed.

On to the typing experience itself. The Keychron K6 Pro RGB utilizes mechanical switches, providing a satisfying tactile feedback with each keystroke. I have the Geatron browns in mine. As a bonus, this keyboard was modified a bit and the switches were lubed by hand of the kind gentleman who gave it to me. The typing feel is responsive and precise, and the thock it makes with each keystroke is a joy. I just wish I could annoy my officemates with this keyboard. (Truth be told, the sound is not at all bothersome for neighbors.)

Connectivity-wise, the Keychron K6 Pro RGB offers flexibility with its wireless and wired options. It supports both Bluetooth and USB Type-C connections, ensuring compatibility with various devices. This versatility allows you to seamlessly switch between multiple devices or use the keyboard with your preferred setup. And it comes with keycaps for both Windows and Mac.

In terms of battery life, the Keychron K6 Pro RGB has a 4000mAh battery and offers extended usage time without frequent recharging. This feature is particularly beneficial for those constantly on the move or working in environments without easily accessible power outlets, but as I have not depleted the battery completely once, I am not sure how long it will last. Maybe I will update this post with more information about the battery life at some future point.

Overall, the Keychron K6 Pro RGB keyboard is a fantastic choice for both newcomers to mechanical keyboards and enthusiasts alike. Its compact design and satisfying typing experience, along with its versatile connectivity options make it seem a reliable companion for many years of typing to come. Whether you're a professional, a gamer, or simply someone who appreciates a well-crafted keyboard, the Keychron K6 Pro RGB is definitely worth considering in my opinion. If you are mechanical-keyboard curious, I would say go ahead and embark on your keyboard journey with this exceptional model—you won’t regret it.